Smilax Trexim Pvt. Ltd. was formed 13 years back by young energetic entrepreneurs with the view to produce innovative garment accessories by the state of art machineries. Initially company emphasized on the basic items like Woven Label, Printed Label, Hang Tags and Packing box. Regular implication of new style according the contemporary fashion created an easy growth for the company.
The information and recommendation contained in the Company's literature or elsewhere are based on knowledge at the time of printing and are believed to be accurate. While such details are printed in good faith they are intended to be guide only and shall not bind the Company. Due to constant development. Customers are urged to obtain up-to-date technical informantion from representatives of the Company and not to rely exclusively on printed materials. Customers are reminded of the importance of obtaining and complying with the instructions for the handling and use of chemicals and materials supplied as the Company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury caused through non-compliance.